You don’t have to drive around with the stale smell of smoke lingering on your car seats ever again!

If you smoke in your car, you have to get a Purifu - the Car Air Purifier & Ionizer.
As you exhale – the smoke and smell will magically disappear. Actually, everyone would benefit by putting one in their car since it removes all bad odors and eliminates allergens. We have come a long way from those “little green tree” air fresheners.

As a smoker, I am sure you are often bombarded by complaints from passengers who say that your car smells terribly of smoke? You open your windows but the smell never seems to go away and in the winter it’s impossible to let freezing cold air into the car. Now you really don’t have to worry about enjoying your cigarette while you drive, thanks to Purifu. It is unbelievably effective at making your car smoke free.

Amazing Health Benefits

You will also be positively impacting your health, and those of your passengers who are inhaling secondary smoke that has more than 7,000 chemicals - at least 70 of which are known to cause cancer (according to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services report).

When you smoke just half a cigarette in your car, the air quality can reach 10 times over what the United States Environmental Protection Agency considers hazardous. Purifu keeps your car environment safe, purified and ionized. Purifu uses an electrical charge to produce a stream of negative ions which removes microscopic particles from the air.

Innovative Purifying Solution

There will never be any cause for your passengers to complain about your smoking in the car once you have Purifu - one of Gadget My Car's innovative solutions for car smokers.

You simply plug it into your power outlet and its powered by your 12 volt input. It takes up virtually no space at all, there is NO INSTALLATION required. It’s sleek, stylish and subtle and the best part is that you don’t have to replace the filter and it lasts for years!

Weed Smokers Welcome Purifu

You can immediately see how this product is also perfect for the weed smokers who use their cars as hotboxes. Your Purifu will instantly remove the overpowering smell of marijuana from the car.

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Breathe Easier

But this is not only a brilliant product for smokers. If you suffer from dust allergies or asthma, Purifu is going to be your best friend. It eliminates the generation of bacteria by 99% in your car. You can enjoy inhaling the purified air in your car that will help you to breathe easier.

When the air in your car is purified it prevents fatigue and can dramatically enhance your concentration when driving. If you are someone who takes pride in having a clean car inside and out, then Purifu assists you with having the cleanest, allergen free, odor free, purified, ionized air in your vehicle.

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Don’t feel trapped by stale, stinky cigarette smoke in your car. Give yourself the gift of Purifu. There is a good reason why this product is such a best seller – it provides an instant  “clean” smell for your car. For only $34.99 (a 48% savings) at the moment – it’s the perfect product to purify your vehicle forever.

Just say “no” to bad odors in your car! It’s also the ultimate gift for your friends and family. Say goodbye to the smell of cigarette smoke forever!

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Purifu: Car Air Purifier & Ionizer

$79.99 $39.99 -50%

Purifu: Car Air Purifier & Ionizer

$79.99 $39.99 -50%