How To Make Driving With Kids Fun And Easier

Driving with kids can be awesome!


Road trips are an exciting time for families. If you have young kids, this also means spending long hours trapped with them inside a car. In this post, we will share some tips on how you can make driving with your kids easier and more fun

Equip Your Car with Electronic Games.


Video games are a fun way to keep kids quiet and entertained. They can also be a great time killer for adults as well.

Popular games such as Candy Crush and Cut the Rope only requires an internet connection to download, so make sure you get them onto your portable electronic device before you leave for your road trip.

You can also consider purchasing a car wifi hotspot to provide you with an internet connection while on the road, just in case you want access to the internet.

Pack Comfort Item



Long road trips lasting over days means your kids will spend a significant amount of this time sleeping. This is a good thing as sleeping time may be the only quiet time you can get from the kids, so you must make sure they feel comfortable enough to sleep.

Great comfort items to bring include fuzzy blankets, neck pillows, and even comfortable pajamas they can change into. You can also consider this seat belt soft cover designed especially for your car, so the kids can stay safely strapped in and nap comfortably at the same time.

Bring Lots of Snacks


Bringing lots of quality snacks should be at the top of every road trip packing list. Not only will bringing your own food save you the time and energy to look for food while on the road, it can also be beneficial to your wallet.

Children are also prone to getting hungry at random times during the day, and this hunger can quickly turn into screaming fits if nothing is done about it. Some great snacks for young children include crackers, trail mix, granola bars and cereal bars, which are all non-perishable and can be stored in the trunk in large volumes during longer road trips.

Plus, if everyone’s extra hungry, you can use a portable car fridge & warmer to keep your food fresh and tasty.

Use the right Gadgets


Choosing the right gadgets to bring on your road trip is an important part of road trip planning. Items such as a reliable GPS device or a complete printed map can help you spend less time getting lost and more time enjoying your destination.

Children, especially small babies, also require a lot of items to be carried with them, such as pacifiers, milk bottles, and their numerous stuffed toys. Consider getting a car organizer system to keep everything secured and in place during your drive. This ensures you will never have to deal with piles of random items sitting in your back seat.

Another super useful gadget for babies in a car is the bottle warmer and heater, a MUST in every parents car.


This one is for when you need an instant relief – the backseat tablet mount. It allows your kids to watch movies while the tablet is connected to the back of the seat. Perfect!

Play Social Games


This is another entertainment option if you do not want your kids to have too much screen time, as that can be harmful to both their eyes and posture. Luckily, there are numerous fun games to play as a family and keep everyone, including the adults, entertained for hours.

A fun social game is add-on storytelling, which can cultivate your children’s creativity and imagination. It can be played by two or more people and the rules are also very simple. Each person must make up one sentence of a story and the next person has to come up with another sentence to go along with the first one. As the sentences grow longer, you will end up with a story that can be funny, quirky, scary, or anything you want!

Have a Karaoke Session


Singing songs is a great way to pass time and interact with everyone in the family. Start off by choosing a simple song in a favorite genre and get everyone to learn and sing along. Depending on your children’s age, this can include children’s music, pop music, and even rock. It is also a great way to introduce your children to some favorite music from your own childhood.

You can download the instrumental versions of the songs prior to your road trip or simply sing over the actual song. Numerous apps also allow you to have karaoke sessions and will score your performance at the end. Families with competitive spirits can also compete to see who can score the most karaoke points.

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