How to Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl on Your Car

Step by Step Guide: How to Apply Carbon Fiber Vinyl on Your Car

Carbon fibers are made of chains of carbon atoms. It is popular due to its high stiffness, tensile strength, and low weight. It is also five times stronger than steel! Because of these properties, carbon fiber is a popular material in the aerospace, engineering, automotive, and competitive sports industry.

In the automotive industry, carbon fiber is commonly found on high-end vehicles. This is why applying a carbon fiber vinyl on your car will give it the look of a luxury vehicle. Keep reading below for instructions on how to apply a carbon fiber vinyl on the interior and exterior of your car.

Interior Application

First, remove the pieces you want to wrap. Depending on the make of your vehicle, this can mean simply prying the pieces off or unscrewing some screws. Be careful not to damage the pieces as they may not be hard to remove.

Next, lay down each piece onto the back of your carbon fiber vinyl sheet. The back should be white in color so you can mark this surface. Use a marking pen to trace around the edge of the piece, including all holes and openings.

After the outline has been traced, cut about two inches away from the outlines using a pair of scissors. By leaving room around the outline, you will have more carbon fiber vinyl to fold down and work with.

After the carbon fiber vinyl has been cut, clean the piece to remove any dust or impurities. You can use an alcohol wipe to speed up the process and remove fingerprint marks.

Now, peel off the backing of the vinyl sheet and apply it onto your piece. Do this part slowly to avoid trapping air bubbles. If air bubbles appear, simply lift up the carbon fiber vinyl and lay it down again until there are no more air bubbles.

Next, trim off any excess carbon fiber vinyl using an Exacto knife. Make sure to leave about an inch of extra vinyl that will be folded down around the edge to give off a continuous look.

Then, use a hair dryer to heat up the vinyl to soften it. It also ensured the carbon fiber vinyl will mold better to the piece. Be careful not to overheat as that will make the vinyl brittle.

That’s it! Now you can place the piece back into place and enjoy its sleek carbon fiber look!

Here's a short video showing how to wrap car interior trim with carbon fiber vinyl:

Exterior Application

Begin by giving the exterior of your car a thorough cleanse. This includes any surfaces and panels where you want to apply the carbon fiber vinyl as well as the edges around that surface. Be sure to use a strong cleaning agent to remove any mud, dust, wax, and grease. This ensures the vinyl sheet will stick to the surface and avoid any surface unevenness.

Next, lay down the carbon fiber vinyl over the surface that you want to wrap. Trim the carbon fiber along the edges of the piece, making sure to leave at least two inches of extra space. This space will be folded over the panel edge to give a continuous look.

If you are completely happy with the size of the carbon fiber vinyl sheet, you can go ahead and peel off the backing. Then, carefully place the piece down onto the exterior panel to avoid any air bubbles. Use a blow dryer over the surface of the carbon fiber vinyl to soften the piece and get rid of air bubbles. You may find it easier to have a friend help you with this part, especially when working with larger pieces like the hood of your car. 

Depending on how experienced you are, you may get some stubborn air bubbles under the carbon fiber vinyl. You can get rid of them by simply lifting up the vinyl and laying it down again. Do not scrape out the bubbles using a sharp edge as that will not work and may even damage the vinyl’s surface.

The last step is to fold down the extra carbon fiber vinyl along the edges of the panel for a continuous look. If the extra pieces are greater than two inches, trim them using a pair of scissors before folding them down.

That’s it! Now you can enjoy the carbon fiber look on your vehicle and impress all your friends and family.

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