Cool Car Exterior Accessories

Cool Car Exterior Accessories

The exterior of your car is a place to showcase your personality. In this post, we will feature some cool accessories so you can personalize your car.

Chameleon Headlight Wrap

Say goodbye to boring headlights with this fancy color-changing headlight wrap! Instead of the conventional white headlights, now you can have brightly-colored headlights to light up your night drives.

This affordable wrap comes in nine different colors, from as red and green to pink and yellow. You can customize according to season or choose one to match the paint of your car. It can also be used on both the headlights or the taillights.

Additionally, the color intensity of the wrap changes based on your viewing angle to give off a cool holographic effect. It is also made from a durable and waterproof material to protect the surface of your light cover.  

Cat Tail Decal Back Wiper Sticker

If you love cats and cartoons, then you will love this cat-tail decal for your rear car window.

Designed to change the rear wipers into a wagging cat’s tail, this cute decal will make your car stand out on the roads.  

The material of the decal is waterproof and fade resistant so it will last a long time. The length of the tail 29 centimeters so it will fit most vehicles. The package also comes with four paw stickers for the ultimate cuteness. 

3D Ball Window Sticker

Applying this cool ball window sticker is another way to jazz up those boring rear view windows.

Designed to look like a ball had been hit onto your window, it is perfect for prankers looking to spice up an April Fools’ Day prank. That’s because the 3D design gives the sticker a super realistic effect. 

Simply choose between a basketball, baseball, tennis, or soccer ball design and apply it onto the rear car window. The decal also comes with a strong self-adhesive tape that will not damage the window surface if removed.

Bug Deflector

This handy bug deflector is great for long road trips across the wilderness. Not only will it protect the front of your car from gross bug stains, it will also prevent small stones from chipping your paint.

Simply attach the bug deflector to the hood of your car using an adhesive tape. The best part is that no drilling is required! The sleek material also has an aerodynamic design and comes in dark and light washes to match the color of your car. It is also safe for car washes so you do not have to remove it regularly. 

Arrow LED for Side Mirror

This LED turn light is designed to go onto your side mirror. Not only does it have a fashionable design, it also makes your car safer. That’s because it allows the car next to you to see your turn signals, which makes a huge difference if that car is in your blind spot.

Additionally, the LED arrows are invisible when they are turned off so it will not interfere with the function of your side mirrors. The LED light is also very easy to install and will fit every car model and make.

360 Degrees Blind Spot Mirror

This powerful blind spot mirror is another great safety device for the exterior of your vehicle. Designed to increase the view angle of your side mirror, now you can drive safely without worrying about your blind spots.

Additionally, the package comes with two 360 degrees mirrors and waterproof 3M stickers for ease of installation. The mirrors also come with a swivel base that can be used to adjust the angle of view.

Bike Hitch Rack

If you are an avid biker, then this bike hitch rack is made for you. Now you can bring your bike along on those long road trips to explore new places the old-fashioned way.

Designed to carry a single bike, this bike rack also comes in various models so you can fit more than one bike if required. It is also easy to install as it does not require any tools. Simply insert the connection into your trailer hitch along with the safety pin and you are good to go!



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