10 Best Car Safety Jack Stand for Your Garage and Workshop

Can you imagine fixing your car’s undercarriage without a safety jack in place? Not only would that be too inconvenient but unsafe as well. 


Creeping under your vehicle with just a car jack to support it is not entirely safe. Hence, you need a car safety jack stand to ensure it holds up your vehicle during repairs. This tool not only supports the weight of the car but also prevents your vehicle from crushing anything below it– including the car owner or mechanic. 

Why isn't a Jack Enough to Lift your Car?

One of the misconceptions about lifting a car is that a car jack alone is enough for the job. While a car jack does a pretty good job of elevating your vehicle, it’s not enough to ensure that it won’t collapse. 


Certain types of jacks, like the scissor jack, are not meant to hold the weight of your vehicle for an hour. Hence, they are useful when you want to change tires, but not for repair work that might take days or even weeks.  


 By placing jack stands to distribute the weight of the car evenly, you lessen the risk of hydraulic or mechanical failures. Additionally, this tool also helps balance the heavy load and reducing the burden from the jack. 


In general, jack stands are there to assist in lifting the car and ensure that it won’t accidentally drop when the setup is left unattended. Doing so will give any car owner peace of mind, whether they are currently fixing the car or had to leave it for a while. 


It’s for these reasons that we have come up with a list of the best car safety jacks for any type of vehicle. 

Features to Consider Before Buying a Car Safety Jack Stand

If this is your first time buying this type of product, then you have a lot of questions in mind. Before we head to the list, let’s first discuss some of the factors you should consider when buying a car safety jack stand:

Weight Rating

Carjack stands have different lifting capacity, which determines how much weight they can withstand. For example, a three-ton jack stand can be used in pretty much every type of sedan or hatchback. However, you may need something with a higher load rating if you plan to use it on an SUV or pickup truck.

Lift Height

Jack stands also have different lift height, which translates to how much space it can create between the ground and the vehicle it's supporting. Typically, this can range from 15-inches to 22-inches or more depending on the car jack model. If you are a burly or tall person, you may want to go with a unit that can give you more clearance.


Another crucial feature you need to look for is the sturdiness of the car safety jack, and the type of material it's made from. Ideally, you want to buy jack stands made from thick steel to ensure it won't break when you're using it. If you want something lighter, then you can go for an aluminum jack stand provided that it's tough enough for the job.

Locking Mechanism

Your jack stand must also have a reliable locking mechanism to maximize the user's safety. There are several lock designs available such as the pin-in-hole locks and ratchet or lever style. The latter is perfectly usable, while you might want to go for a two-pin lock for the former design.

Base Width

Additionally, you should also assess the base width of the jack stand and whether it complements the product's design. As a general rule, the wider the base, the more stable the whole setup will be. Pyramid-shaped jack stands are known for their wide support, but you can also consider buying units with octagonal and piston-type bases.

User Reviews

If you plan to buy your vehicle jack stand online, then pay attention to the customer reviews and feedback posted about the product. Aside from the user rating, you should also listen to the pros and cons of the product. If the reviews mention a specific defect or issue with the item, then you should consider that as well.


Finally, you should also evaluate how much money you are willing to allocate for your jack stand purchase. Coming up with a budget doesn't always mean you have to go for the cheapest model out there. Instead, it can help you narrow down your choices and tell you which features to prioritize. Most jack stands usually belong to either an economy or semi-pro category, which also tells you about its price range. Economy jack stands are generally around $20 to $40, while its semi-pro counterparts are at $65 to $99.

Product Reviews of the Best Car Safety Jack Stand

1. Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands- The Overall Best on the Market

These lightweight jack stands are sold in pairs and are perfect for supporting your vehicle while it’s being lifted with a jack. The pyramid foot base is wide enough to support 2 to 12 tons of weight, depending on the model. Hence, it’s the perfect tool for lifting most types of vehicles from small cars to light-duty trucks. 


Its multi-position ratchet bar uses a sawtooth design, which allows it to adjust smoothly. The 3-ton model, for example, can be adjusted from 11 ¼ inches to 16 ¾ inches while locking it firmly in place.


  • This Torin vehicle jack stand also features a concave saddle with a large surface area, which allows better contact with the surface of your vehicle. This design helps in supporting the load and making sure it stays in place.
  • Made from high-grade steel, this car jack stand has a solid welded frame that won't break easily. This feature allows you to leave your car for a long time without worrying the whole setup will collapse.
  • Features a dual purpose handle which serves as saddle column release and carries handle in one. This ingenious design, paired with the ratchet system allows quick height readjustment.
  • Its low price is also a bonus on top of its excellent features. The manufacturer also offers a one year warranty.


  • The three-ton model can't fully support heavy-duty trucks. Additionally, these stands are a bit on the heavy side, with each unit weighing at 7.7 pounds.

2. Pro-Lift Double Pin Jack Stands- The Most Versatile Unit

This Pro-Lift Jack Stand with T-6903D product code is known as one of the most versatile lift support products in the market. It comes as a pair and is easily recognizable because of its red and silver color scheme. 


Each Pro-Lift jack stand is rated with 3-ton capacity and can be adjusted from 11 inches to a maximum of 16 ½ inches. It also has an outstanding double-locking mechanism that secures its ratchet bars in place. This unique design prevents accidental disengagement when the load is set in place. 


  • This jack stand uses counter-weighted pawls to lock the ratchet bar in place while doubling as an additional carrying point. This unique design adds another layer of protection for the person under the vehicle.
  • Its stands are made from high quality cast iron and have a durable frame design, which helps it keep the load in place without breaking. Since you're getting a pair of stands, it helps distribute the weight of the car equally for a more secure setup.
  • The multi-position ratchets are durable and have a mechanism that allows quick adjustments. They are also supported by an attached pin lock, which provides fast transitions into your preferred locking position.
  • Furthermore, the paint used for this product also doesn't get scratched off easily. With proper care, it can last for several years, even when used regularly.


  • When misused, there is a chance that the adjustable stop can fall out from its slot, which can result from the whole setup collapsing.

3. CARTMAN Jack Stands - The Best Value-Driven Product

At first glance, you can already tell that the CARTMAN jack stand is one durable product. The red paint also helps it be more noticeable, especially in a garage or workshop setting. These pairs of heavy-duty steel jacks have perfectly welded seam and a broad base allowing it to carry up to 3 tons of load. 


The multi-position ratchet-styled bars can be adjusted from 11-inches to 16 and ¼ inches. Moreover, the jack stand also has a unique mechanism that allows quick adjustment allowing you to lock and unlock the rig seamlessly.


  • The Cartman Jack stand is one of the most affordable products in its category. While they may be cheaper than most items on the list, their decent features offer great bang for your buck.
  • The lever-controlled toothed ratchet allows you to adjust the height depending on your current need. The maximum height is enough to help you work on small and medium-sized cars.
  • The design of CARTMAN jack stands is also simple and pretty much straightforward. As such, they are user-friendly and can be used even by first-time car owners.
  • Furthermore, the single piece ductile ratchet bar and the stands are made from high-grade steel, which ensures its durability and overall utility.


  • On the flip side, this jack stand's maximum height is a bit low compared to other products on this list. Hence, it's not recommended for vehicles with high profiles such as SUVs.

4. Sumner Hi Fold-A-Jacks with V-Head- The Space Saving Option

Sometimes you need more ground clearance when lifting your car for repairs, and this is where the Sumner Hi Fold-A-Jacks stand excels. With a lift height of 28-inches to 49-inches, you can quickly fix your vehicle without worrying about ground clearance. 


The Sumner jack stand also has a unique tripod design that can carry as much as 2,500 pounds. Using its quick action lock washer, you can quickly secure your preferred height in seconds.  



  • The Sumner Hi Fold-A-Jacks legs can easily be folded. Hence, you can easily tuck it away in your trunk or garage cabinet when not in use.
  • Each of its durable legs has a one square inch base that can stabilize the whole rig. Because it has more contact with the ground, it distributes the load's weight more efficiently.
  • Another great feature of this product is its "V" head, which helps secure the load. Thanks to its design, you can set the jack stand in almost any part of the vehicle.
  • Its manufacturer has also integrated a convenient carrying handle. Hence, you can carry this jack stand anywhere around with ease.


  • Because of its longer frame, this jack stand has a lower weight capacity compared to other products on this list.

5. Toolsempire Underhoist Tripod Jack Stand- The Tallest Jack Stand

Some repairs require your vehicle to be fully suspended in a lift or taller jack. If you ever find yourself needing more ground clearance, then you might want to consider owning a Toolsempire jack stand. This tripod goes under the hoist and can reach a lift height of 49 to 84 inches.

Despite its lanky appearance, this jack stand can carry up to two tons of weight. Thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction, the frame can provide a safe and stable rig. Additionally, the lift height alone also allows different applications you usually can’t do with shorter jack stands.


  • The high ground clearance it provides allows you to repair hard to reach car components like the shock absorber and exhaust system. You also won't need to lie on your back while you fix your vehicle.
  • It also has a detachable top rubber pad, which helps keep the load in place. Thanks to its smooth surface, it prevents any damage to the car component it is in contact with.
  • The jack stand also comes with a thrust bearing just below the screw handle, which further keeps the whole rig in place. Hence, you can be sure that the entire tripod structure can handle the weight above.
  • Readjusting the height of the jack stand to your preferred position is also a breeze. This Toolsempire tripod is easy to operate and beginner-friendly.


  • On the other hand, this product requires assembly after taking it out of the box, which would require specific tools like screwdrivers.

6. Performance Tool Jack Stand- Best for Small SUVs

Finding a jack stand for small SUVs, such as crossovers, can be quite challenging because their weight is right in the middle of the pack. If you need a jack stand that is just right for your SUV, then Performance Tool’s jack stand is a great candidate. 

This lifting support tool can accommodate 12,000 lbs or 6 tons of weight, which is the average weight of your smaller SUV. Its lift height of 15 ½ inches to 23 ½ -inches is also plenty enough to give you enough room to repair the underside of your vehicle.


  • The Performance Tool jack stand has a toothed ratchet design, which can be adjusted by about an inch per level. This feature is quite ideal in finding the perfect height for your repair rig.
  • The multi-position bar is also made from a sturdy steel material and matched with a rugged frame. Because of this solid construction, it can easily lift medium-sized vehicles with ease.
  • This jack stand also has a wide base that provides stability under load and overall strength. It also comes in pairs, which means you can distribute the weight of the load better.
  • It also has a V-shaped head that could easily fit into the metal slot of most vehicles. The head is also quite wide but has enough depth to keep that portion from moving about.


  • One of the disadvantages of this product, however, is that it's a bit on the heavy side. Each jack stand weighs around 15-pounds, which requires more effort to move them around your workshop.

7. OEMTOOLS Self-Locking Jack Stand- The One with the Best Locking Mechanism

One of the main concerns for buying a jack stand is what if the locking mechanism gets compromised. As for the OEMTOOLS jack stand, this will be the least of your worries thanks to its self-locking feature. That means every time you adjust its ratchet bar, and it immediately gets locked without you having to set any fastener. 

Additionally, this jack stand has a minimum lift height of 12 inches and a maximum of 17 ¾ inches. Each jack stand can withstand 3 tons of weight, and with a pair that also doubles at 6 tons. Thanks to these features, you can now change the oil of your family car without worrying about how to lift your ride.


  • This jack stand has an easy to use locking mechanism that slowly adjusts the height of the lift. Hence, if you want to make some adjustments at the last minute, you can do so without having to remove a fastener or lock.
  • The jack stand's iconic neon green finish can help you differentiate it from the other tools in your garage or workshop. Moreover, it also adds a bit of aesthetic appeal to the item.
  • Another great feature of this jack stand is the recessed saddle, which ensures a stronghold and a secure placement that prevents any type of slip.
  • OEMTOOLS is offering a one year warranty for their product. This is quite useful in case something happens to your item during its frequent use.


  • This item is a bit more expensive compared to other jack stands that have similar load rating and lift height. However, the difference is not by much and arguably justifiable because of its extra features

8. ESCO Jack Stand- The Most Stable in the Bunch

This jack stand is the very definition of “no-frills” thanks to its straight forward design. It has a metallic colored surface, which is coated to prevent it from corrosion. What it lacks in aesthetic value, it makes up with its overall durability and stability.

Case in point, it’s the only product in the list to use a circular base pad, which ensures it won’t move from its place that easily. Additionally, it can also carry up to 3 tons of weight and can be adjusted from 13 to 21 inches. However, unlike the toothed ratchet types, it uses a lock to secure the gaps in its main tube for adjusting the lift height.


  • Thanks to the amount of surface area of the base of each leg, you can be sure that this jack stand is pretty much stable. Thus, you wouldn't have to worry about your rig when it accidentally gets hit by someone.
  • The head of the stand, which touches your vehicle, also has a rubber pad, which protects your car components from scratches and other damages. This is quite useful if you plan to affix it on a delicate car part.
  • The rubber saddle is also removable, in case you need to attach it in a car part that requires more stability than protection.
  • Furthermore, all of the components are made from durable steel, which further helps in keeping your mind at peace. In short, you can be sure that the rig won't move unless something really heavy hits your rig.


  • The ESCO jack stand is a bit more expensive than most items on the list. Moreover, it also has fewer height adjustment options because of its design.

9. Hein-Werner Jack Stand- The Best US-Assembled Product

If you want to support local products while still getting a reliable jack stand, then you might want to consider the Hein-Werner Jack Stand. Everything about this product just screams of safety, especially its thick and solid steel frame. It also comes with a folded metal footing, which further improves its general stability. 

These jack stands, which come in a set of two, can support vehicles that are up to six tons in weight. Additionally, it has a respectable minimum lifting range of 16 ¼ inches and a maximum of 25 ¾ inches.


  • The Hein-Werner stand has a saddle column release that doubles as a carry handle. This ingenious feature allows the car owner to carry it around with ease.
  • Consequently, the multi-position ratchet bar provides not only durability but also the opportunity to adjust the lift height to your desired position slowly.
  • The folded metal footing also adds stability while the vehicle sits on the stands. Furthermore, it also protects the whole rig from sliding on most floor surfaces.


  • This jack stand is one of the most expensive ones on our list. However, it's probably also one of the most durable, given that it's assembled here in the US.

10. AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stand- The Most Affordable Option

Online shopping giant Amazon has branded some of their products online with their namesake. For example, they are also selling a jack stand under the AmazonBasics brand. They look and function much like other products only on this list, only much cheaper. 


This jack stand has a two-ton capacity, while other models under the same product name can manage up to six tons. As for height adjustment, it can go for a minimum of 11-inches and up to 17-inches. That lift height is enough for most small cars in the market. 


  • This ratchet-type jack stand has a simple design and locking mechanism. It's easy to use and is the perfect unit for first-time car owners.
  • The U-shaped contact area provides enough support and ensures that the load won't slip easily.
  • Additionally, the jack stand has a durable frame coated with rustproof coating making it suitable even for outdoor use.


  • As with other affordable products, it's not as reliable and long-lasting as its more expensive counterpart.


Choosing the car safety jack stand usually depends on the type of repair and vehicle where you’ll be using it. However, if we have to pick one product that can excel on the seven features we mentioned above, it has got to be the Torin Big Red Steel Jack Stands.

Not only is the Torin jack stand one of the most affordable products on the list, but it also has a decent lift height and load capacity. Consequently, the wide saddle keeps the vehicle in place while its wide base area ensures stability. 

The locking mechanism’s design is also structurally sound and offers a sense of security thanks to its top-quality make. While it can’t be used for heavier vehicles like heavy-duty trucks, it seems to perform well on other lighter cars.

However, not everyone might be looking for a different type of jack stand. Fortunately, there are tons of them to choose from, and you can start with the ones we suggested in this list. We hope that this article has given you some helpful insights into your safety jack stand purchase.

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