Best Car Phone Holders Of 2020

Here’s Gadget My Car selection of best holders for 2020


The introduction of driving laws banning the use of cell phones have made it harder to access your phone while on the road. With the help of these awesome car phone holders, you can continue to use your cell phone in a safe and legal manner while driving.

360° Magnetic Phone Holder


This handy magnetic phone holder features a 360° rotating disk that allows you to view your phone screen from any angle. It comes with a durable 3M adhesive tape and can be attached to any surface of your car. It also has a super strong magnet that can hold iPhones, androids, and all types of cell phones.

What’s more? The magnetic holder is very compact and takes about 30 seconds to install. Its simple design means it costs a lot less than traditional phone holders so you can keep more money in your pocket.

360° Car Wireless Charger for iPhone & Samsung


This wireless charger is designed to work with the newest generation of iPhone and Samsung smart phones with wireless charging capabilities enabled. It is compatible with the iPhone models X, 8, and 8 Plus as well as Samsung models S8, Plus, and Edge.

Once you mount the charger to your car’s air vent or dashboard, insert a thin metal ring between your phone and the case and you can start charging your phone wirelessly. An additional 360° rotation on the arm allows you to adjust your phone’s orientation to your liking.

Anti-Slip Phone Holder 


\This anti-slip phone holder is a budget-friendly option to mount your phone. It comes in the shape of a disk and is ideal for cell phones and small items such as coins and charging chords. To use it, simply take off the backing on the bottom surface and stick it onto your car’s dashboard. Two side grooves on the outer rim will hold your phone up.

As a bonus, consider this magnet cable for Android and iPhone to use with this phone holder. The cable is designed to attach easily via a magnetic connection so you only need one hand to connect it to your phone. This means no more struggles trying to insert the charging port. You can even attach the chord using one hand while driving!


Fast Wireless Charger for iPhones & Samsung


This fast-charging wireless charger is designed to work with the latest phone models. Compatible with iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus and Samsung S8, Plus, and Edge, all you need to do is attach a thin metal ring between your phone and the phone case and you can start charging wirelessly in your car!

What’s more? This wireless charger can charge your phone 1.4 times faster than standard wireless chargers, so it is great for shorter drives and for when you are short on time. You can also choose from to mount the charger on your vent or using the bracket base. The bracket base can be rotated 360° so you can adjust your phone’s orientation to your liking.

Air Vent Magnetic Phone Holder


If you don’t want to place sticky products on your car’s interior, you can choose to buy this air vent magnetic phone holder. It is designed with a handy clip that is free of any adhesive surfaces. Simply clip the holder onto your car’s air vent when you want to use it. The clip can be taken off easily and without leaving any sticky residue. An additional 360° rotating arm is also included in the design so you can adjust your phone’s orientation to your liking.

Adjustable Phone Holder

This adjustable phone holder is perfect if you are looking for a simple and durable phone holder. It features traditional components such as a suction base that can be secured onto your dashboard. A 360° rotating arm is also included so you can change your phone’s orientation easily. The three strong clamps in the design will only work for cell phones smaller than 6 inches.

Wireless Phone Charger

This is a simple wireless phone charger that is designed to work with all Qi-enabled smartphones. It is compatible with models including Samsung Galaxy 6 and newer generations, the LG G6, and the Google Nexus models.

To use the charger, simply attach it to the vent of your car and place your phone over the charging pad. A strong magnet ensures your phone stays attached and a rotating 360° arm allows for your preferred orientation adjustments.

Backseat Tablet Holder

This backseat tablet holder is perfect for keeping noisy kids quiet on those long car rides. The holder is easy to install onto the back of the front car seats and its firm grips ensure your tablet will stay safely in place. It is compatible with most tablets on the market, including the iPad models 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Air, and Air 2.



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