Best Car Lift for Home Garage: Top 5 Picks & Buyer’s Guide

For those whose number of cars has outgrown the available garage space, you need to consider getting a car lift. This would go a great way in solving the problem. A garage car lift is an efficient device that allows you to arrange your cars in a vertical manner and utilize garage space. 

Nowadays, the car lift is a needed feature in the automobile business. It’s a heavy-duty tool that comes in handy for your day-to-day activities. A newer-model of car lift for garage will do well in some aspects that a pro mechanic would normally have to handle. 

Apart from the guys into vehicle service, the garage car lift is also of importance in quick lube stations, body shops, car dealerships, car rental businesses, and body shops. These efficient devices are also made use of in-home garages to facilitate repair work and maintenance jobs that you need to handle on your own. 

Car lifts provide better safety and easier working conditions than the regular, archaic floor jack. This is a feature that is very useful for those that are into reconditioning cars, vehicle construction, and doing vehicle maintenance on their own. It’s important to look out for the best car lift for home garage. 

Keep on reading to know more about this.

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Best Car Lift for Home Garage in 2020

To help you have an easy time purchasing the best car lift for home garage, a list of professional-type car lifts has been put together for your reference and guidance. 

The lifts on the list are mostly used by pros but will also serve well in your home garage. Not only are the car lifts for home garage affordable, but they are also easy to set up. 

Here’s out top 5 selection:

1. TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Lift

This car lift has gotten a lot of great reviews from several customers who are satisfied with its functions and features. The TRIUMPH NSS-8 is not accident-prone, has good stability, and can support loads of up to 8,000-pounds. 

Steel is a great material in terms of durability and long lifespan. The NSS-8 has a body made of steel. Not only can this car bear large loads, but it also has 4 posts. This means that it’s a highly stable device. On the downside, the TRIUMPH NSS-8 isn’t so portable. 

 Some additional features that make this lift great are its auto-lock ability and reasonable max height. The Auto-Lock system integrated into this car lift ensures that the lift stays in place even when the power supply is suddenly cut off. The 84-inch vertical space that is available under the lift makes it easy for people to stand upright when working beneath the lift. 

You get a number of important accessories such as drip trays, car lift jack trays, and caster kit when you purchase this car lift.


  • Those who are new to car repair and maintenance would easily learn how to use this car lift
  • All needed accessories are made available when this lift is purchased
  • Its 84-inch maximum height makes it easy for anyone to stand beneath when working


  • It isn’t that easy to set up
  • Steps on how to use the device are quite vague

2. Dannmar 2-Post Portable Car Lift

The Dannmar portable vehicle lift doesn’t need to be permanently affixed to one position. It can easily be removed from its current position and set up in another position. The Dannmar lift is the most portable when compared to other automotive lifts. 

This portability is achieved through the integration of “wheel kits” into the lift’s structure. These wheel kits, which are positioned at the side of each post, make the lift easy to move about regardless of how bulky it actually is. 

The Danmar lift can only support up to 6,000-lbs in weight. However, this weight support capacity is good enough for most vehicles. 

This portable car lift is not just designed to be space-efficient, but also has great strength and durability. This makes it one of the best car lifts for home garage.


  • It’s portable and can be conveniently switched between locations
  • The lift doesn’t take up much space.
  • It’s not difficult to set up


  • The product doesn’t have great customer support services
  • The lift’s cylinders have been known to suffer from leaking

3. Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift

This car lift is efficient in terms of space management. Not only is it space-efficient, but it can also simultaneously bear the weight of two vehicles. The Auto Lift Car-Park-8 can support weights of up to 8,000 pounds. This feature makes it strong enough to hold any vehicle model or size and one of the best car lifts for home garage.  

An Automatic Lock feature has been integrated into this lift’s system. This is a guarantee that the lift is safe to use even in a situation where the supply of power is suddenly shut off. You don’t need to worry about the lift falling from its position and doing any damage in this case. 

The motor powering this lift is efficient and reliable in the sense that it can endure intense loads without yielding, and it’s also durable. There’s no need to worry about elevated vehicles sliding off the lift since it’s specially designed and built to curb slipping.

The Auto Lift Car-Park-8 is a highly recommended mobile car lift that offers you a lot of great features like safety and durability. Take out some money and feel free to purchase one of these lifts. 


  • Aside from its little space requirement, it can also simultaneously support 2 vehicles
  • The lift’s steel body makes it strong and also gives it long-life expectancy
  • Provides a good maximum height of 74.75 inches
  • Auto-Lock system always holds it in place and makes it safer


  • This lift isn’t easy to move about within the garage

4.QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift

The QuickJack lift is a portable car lift that’s easily moved around. This car lift is also very powerful and reliable regardless of its small size – all thanks to the shape of the lift.

This car lift has found a nice spot for itself on the list of the best portable car lifts for home garage. This success is attributed to its ability to stand weights that are actually larger than its assigned 5,000-pound weight. The QuickJack car lift BL-5000SLX is easy to use as long as you have your 110V supply ready. 

There are other models of this car lift that have ratings of 12V, 220V, and 240V. Make sure the rating of the model you want to buy matches supply voltage ratings in your country. The lift can be used for heavy-duty work considering how reinforced its steel body is.   

Another advantage of the QuickJack 5,000-lb capacity portable car lift is that it can be used for various car models. This is attributed to its non-slip jack ends. This car lift is definitely an efficient lift considering how much work it can do regardless of its size.   


  • Those who are new to car repair and maintenance would easily learn how to use this car lift
  • The fortification of the lift’s steel body makes it strong and enduring
  • It has different voltage ratings hence you always find one that matches your country’s voltage ratings
  • The car lift has a portable shape


  • The BL-5000SLX is quite pricey and it should be sold for a lower price
  • It can only stand at 17.6 inches which is too low for a person to stand upright when beneath it.

5. BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

This 2-posts Lift, which can withstand up to 10,000 pounds of weight, is quite durable and efficient in weight lifting. The BendPak lift is a very efficient tool when you take all its features into consideration.

There are a couple of features that make this lift so great and reliable. The first is the ability of the lift to be rotated in such a way that you can still open the car doors. Also, the lift isn’t just fixed to move in only one direction, but it can also be tilted at an angle which makes it even more efficient. This car lift has taken its place atop the list of safest and strongest car lifts. The lift is fitted with a safety shutoff bar, it has a fast lift speed, and it meets all vehicular requirements to make it a reliable tool. 

The BendPak 2 post lift is not only effective and cost-efficient, but this tool can lift loads to a height of 69 inches. The lift is 132 to 145 inches wide and possesses a flexible configuration so that it meets several vehicular requirements. 

Long story short, you can count on this car lift to effectively provide all the services that you need from it. It’s a portable car lift that’s truly worth your money.


  • It’s able to bear up to 10,000 pounds of weight
  • Its ability to tilt at certain angles makes it more efficient
  • It’s not prone to accidents and it’s also reliable
  • The lift’s width can be adjusted to fit various cars and more
  • The device is also very powerful


  • There’s just one and that’s the bulkiness of the device.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Car Lift for Home Garage

Some of the most essential features are:

Safety Locks

The integrated Auto-Lock systems are in place for your safety and the safety of the car. These locks are engaged to make sure that the car doesn’t suddenly come down on the mechanic beneath the lift. It also prevents damaging effects to your car that could result from heavy crash impacts.

Remote Control

Unlike the archaic hand jacks that are required to be manually turned, the car lifts are remote controlled which makes lifting it into position easy. Asides from lifting loads, it can also be used to carefully bring down load.

Arm Restraints

The variation in the structure of different car models has been taken into consideration and compensated for with arm restraints integrated into the design of car lifts. These arm restraints are set to hold the vehicle in place when elevated on the car lift.

Hydraulic Pack

In the event of a sudden drop from the fixed position, hydraulic car lift packs have been put in place to make sure no damage is done by intense crashing impact. The combination of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic circuits, and hydraulic flow restrictions ensures that the portable hydraulic car lift falls slowly if it ever shifts out of the fixed position for whatever reason.

Lifting Pads

There are various lifting pads to hold your vehicles in place and ensure that they don’t move off from their fixed position. These pads are sometimes sold together with the car lift and there are times where you need to get one by yourself.

Lift Material

The type of material that goes into the construction and modeling of a car lift will go a long way in determining how strong and how long it will last. The lift material tells on the lift’s durability after it has been engaged in work over a period of time. The most efficient lift material over time has been recorded to be steel. The metal is a durable one that can easily withstand corrosion, car oils, and remains durable under extreme working conditions. The downside to using steel in car lift construction is that it’s usually bulky and barely portable.


If you want to purchase a car lift, you need to know what weight capacity will be enough to support your vehicles. Most household cars normally require 6,000-lbs capacity, but it’s recommended to own a 10,000-lbs capacity lift if you own large, bulky vehicles.

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Support Bars

There’s a given amount of load that different car lifts can support. This load support is attributed to the solid steel frame that the support bars are made of. When making use of your car lift, ensure that you are conscious not to exceed the rated load limit.


If you would like to stand upright when working beneath the lift, you need to look out for maximum height specifics. The larger the maximum height, the better.


The width range is also an important feature for you to look out for. It’s important that you consider the width of your vehicle before you buy a car lift. The wider your vehicle’s width, the wider the car lift should be. It would be ridiculous to buy a lift that’s not as wide as your vehicle.


It’s advised that you consider the ease of use when looking to purchase a car lift. This will ensure that the lift you’re buying has basic instructions and easy set-up steps. It’s most recommended to get a hydraulic lift.

Benefits of Portable Car Lifts

Portable car lifts for home garage are of great importance. 

Here’s why:

They Protect Your Car

As we all know, owning a vehicle is a big investment. Cars aren’t so cheap that they can just be bought anyhow. Owning a car lift will benefit you when it comes to protecting your car from accident-prone situations. The lift raises your car above the sometimes chaotic grounds of the garage. The use of a car lift also reduces the risks of the vehicle getting stolen, vandalism, weather-related problems, and gives your vehicle a longer lifespan.

Easier Vehicle Maintenance

It’s a fact that car lifts go a long way in making vehicle maintenance and repair very easy and convenient especially in DIY situations. The fact that it allows you to actually work from underneath the car allows oil replacement, suspension substitution, exhaust repair, and tire adjustments easy to do.

Seasonal Garage Storage

For those who usually keep their car outside because of limited space in their garage, there comes a season – winter for example – where keeping your vehicle outside will only cause problems. At this point, a car lift will go a long way in providing that elevated storage space you need in your garage.

You Can Park Two Vehicles in a One-Car Garage

In a scenario where the available garage can only house one vehicle at a time, you should consider getting a car lift if you plan to or have already gotten another car. This will enable you to conveniently keep both cars in a garage that was originally built to house just one car.

Types of Car Lifts for Garage

The car lifts for home garage that are available are:

Scissor Car Lift

A car scissor lift isn’t a challenge to utilize. They are lightweight and portable. These car lifts are great for repair tasks that aren’t so intense. This is because they are not as heavy-duty purposed as other car lifts. 

2 Post Car Lift

Just as the name implies, two post car lifts have two posts for balancing cars. Compared to the four-post car lifts, the two-post lifts are more space-efficient. 

They also do better than the scissor-type when it comes to weight capacity and maximum height. The 2 post lifts are definitely great for home garage use. 

4 Post Car Lift

The 4 post lift isn’t that portable or moveable due to how large it is. 4 post car lifts are usually bolted to the ground to efficiently support their bulkiness. The four-post lift is actually the sturdiest and most physically capable of all the car lift types.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install a portable car lift for home garage on a damaged slab?

If you can’t access plain-level ground to set the car lift on, you can still maneuver your way around the situation and get the car lift successfully installed. To do this, you need to widen the damaged slab into a 40 by 40-inch square and fill it in with concrete. After that smoothen the concrete fill so that it matches the rest of the existing slab. Additional chemical anchors can be deployed to make the grip on the damaged slab stronger.

Do I need to have a tall garage for the car lift?

It’s recommended that your garage height should be around 12-feet high or 9.5-feet at least. You can also compare values of the vehicle height and existing garage height to know exactly what lift would fit in the garage. This will give you just what you need in your own garage and will make things easier for you when you set out to purchase your lift.

Does the garage concrete have to be thick in order for me to install a car hoist?

The thickness of the concrete slab in your garage depends on the amount of load that the car garage lift will be supporting. If you’re getting a 2 or 4 posts lift, your garage concrete should have a thickness of about a hundred (100) millimeters. Loads that are under 6,000 lbs can be supported by 3.5-inches thick concrete slabs.


In order to get the best car lift for home garage, it’s recommended that you adhere to the guidelines given in this writing. 

There are a number of things like maximum height, load capacity, and concrete thickness that you need to consider before purchasing a car lift for home garage. 

You also need to look out for the durability and portability of the lift you wish to purchase. Regular sized vehicles can be easily supported by 6,000 lbs Lifts while larger SUVs and lift trucks would require about 10,000 lbs. 

You need to know that our suggested list of car lifts should majorly serve as a guide for you on your quest to purchase the perfect car lift that works for you and whatever purpose you will need a car lift for. 

Feel free to do some more research on your own before making your decision.