7 Best Car Chargers For Smartphones 2020

Looking for the best car charger? Read this before you buy

martphones are notorious for having short battery lives. That’s why keeping them charged while driving ensures you can still find your way to an appointment or check your messages after your drive. Continue reading for Gadget My Car’s list of the best car chargers for smartphones.

Fast Wireless Charger For iPhones & Samsung

This fast-charging wireless charger features the latest wireless charging technology. It is compatible with all wireless-charging enabled smartphones such as the new iPhone 11, X, 8 Plus, and the Samsung S10, Plus, and Edge. To use the charger, simply place a thin metal ring at the back of your phone case and you can charge your phone wirelessly.

Other features on this charger include a two-way installation option so you can place the charger on your air vent or via a bracket base. Additionally, the charger can also charge your phone 1.4 times faster than standard wireless chargers, so it is great for those shorter drives and when you are short on time.

Xiaomi Car Charger & Bluetooth Music Player

Xioami is the largest Chinese electronics and software company known for their affordable and high-quality products. Since the company’s founding in 2010, it has grown to become the world’s 5th largest smartphone company. This is why buying this Xiaomi car charger and Bluetooth music player will ensure you get a high-quality device at a fraction of the cost.

Some special features on this charger and Bluetooth music player include music streaming via your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection, a high-voltage USB port for fast charging, and navigation assistance that can be broadcasted through the speakers.

Handsfree Car Kit with Siri’s Support

This ultimate handsfree car kit with Siri’s support has everything you’ll need to make your drive easier. It includes a Bluetooth Fm transmitter so you can listen to the radio, a dual USB charger that can charge two devices together at 4 times the speed, and a built-in microphone for handsfree calling.

What’s more? This kit also supports Siri and four different music listening sources – Bluetooth, TF card, USB flash drive, and a 3.5mm AUX Audio cable. It is also compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices such as the iPhone, iPad, HTC, the Samsung Galaxy, and most Android devices.

Nilkin Wireless Phone Charger

This wireless phone charger is great for those desiring the minimalistic lifestyle. It is easy to use and is small and compact without any unwanted extra functions. It is designed to work with all Qi-enabled smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy 6 and newer generations, the LG G6, and the Google Nexus models.

To use the charger, simply attach it to the vent of your car and place your phone over the charging pad, no wires needed! The air vent will help cool down your phone and a 360° rotating arm allows you to adjust your phone’s orientation to any position.

Multi USB Charger for Phones and Tablets

This multi USB charger for phones and tablets is great for when travelling with other people, as it can charge up to 3 different USB powered devices at the same time. It is also designed with LED lights to illuminate the ports so your car can look stylish for both you and your friends.

What’s more? It also has one 2.1A USB port that is optimized for tablets and two 1A USB ports optimized for mobile phones. You can also consider getting this magnetic cable for Android and iPhone so you can easily plug your phone into the charging port with one hand – perfect for when you are driving by yourself!

Multi 360° Car Wireless Charger For iPhones & Samsung

This 360° wireless car charger for iPhone & Samsung is another device designed to work with the latest wireless charging technologies. It can be used with the newest generation of Qi-enabled iPhone and Samsung smartphone models.

To use the charger, simply mount it onto your car’s air vent or dashboard, then insert a thin metal ring between your phone and the case and you can start charging your phone wirelessly. An additional 360° rotation on the arm allows you to adjust your phone’s orientation to your liking.

3-in-1 Car Charger, Bluetooth Earbud & Air Purifier

This 3-in-1 car charger, Bluetooth earbud & air purifier is perfect for the budget-conscious, as you get all three functions for the price of one! Not only does it include a built-in wireless earbud for handsfree calling and listening to music, it is also easy to use as you can simply plug it into your car’s charging slot.

What’s more? This device is also perfect for smokers. The built-in air purifier can release 3-10 million negative ions to get rid of dust, smoke, pollens, and other unwanted allergens so you can enjoy some fresh air.

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