12 Car Gadgets To Improve Your Uber Driver Rating

Improve Your Uber Driver Ratings with Car Gadgets and Accessories!


In today’s interconnected world, online ratings matter more than ever. Apps like Uber and Airbnb are driven primarily by user ratings. The higher your rating, the more customers you will get and the more earnings you will take home.

In fact, low driver ratings on Uber will not only hurt your earnings, it can get you kicked out of the Uber platform. Continue reading below for some awesome car gadgets that will enhance your vehicle’s appearance, comfort, and safety, so your passengers will gladly give you that five-star Uber driver rating.


The interior and exterior appearance of your vehicle are two places to make a good impression on your passengers. After all, nobody wants to get into a muddy and smelly ride. Here are some gadgets that will help you enhance the appearance of your car.

1. Rotating Air Freshener

From smokers to cat owners, your Uber car will transport many different people in a day. This means lingering odors could be left behind, so it is best to invest in a gadget to eliminate all odors.

With this cool rotating air freshener, you can say goodbye to those boring old tree fresheners. Not only does it eliminate all odors, it will also create a pleasant and welcoming aroma inside your car. It is also good enough to last for up to 30 days and features a sleek, stainless steel design that will impress all your passengers!

2. Solar Cup Holder Light

This solar cup holder light shines in three different colors. It will give your car the look of a luxury vehicle. What’s more? It also prevents you from spilling or knocking over your drink in the dark.

To use the light, simply place it onto the bottom of your cup holder and you will never have to think about it again. The solar powered batteries in the lights means you do not have to replace any batteries.

3. Super Ceramic Coating

From parking lots to packed city streets, Uber vehicles go through a lot in a day. With the help of this super ceramic coating, you can protect your car’s exterior paint from daily wear and tear.

Designed to be water resistant, this ceramic coating is also very easy to apply and can last up to two years. It is also UV resistant and will protect your car from UV damage.

4. Cable Clip Holders

These cable clip holders are a must-have for all Uber drivers as it allows you to mount your smartphones in a neat fashion. Use it to organize your charging cables in a neat row so you can impress your passengers with an organized vehicle interior.

What’s more? These handy clips come with self-adhesive pads so you can easily install them right out of the box. They also come in packages of 8 so you can hold for multiple cables.


Having a sleek looking car may push your driver rating into the five-star range. But if you lack the necessities for modern life in your vehicle, such as a Wi-Fi hotspot, your driver ratings may take a hit.

5. Huawei Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

This Wi-Fi hotspot by Huawei will allow your passengers to check their social media during the ride. Your passengers will also thank you for helping them save on their cellular data costs!


To use this Wi-Fi hotspot, simply purchase a sim card to get a high speed 4G connection. The device allows your passengers to connect up to 10 different devices and is designed to fit into your vehicle’s 12V power socket.

6. Magnetic Smartphone Cable

This handy magnetic smartphone cable can be used on both Android phones and iPhones, making it a great device to lend to your passengers.

Designed with a magnetic connection, this cable comes with three different adapters that will fit into the charging port of iPhones, iPads, and Type C ports. This means you can lend it to any passenger regardless of what phones they use. The magnetic connection is also much stronger than the regular connection to prevent you from accidentally disconnecting the cable.

7. 7-Inch Bluetooth Backseat DVD Player

Having an entertainment system inside your vehicle will leave a lasting impression on all your passengers. This 7-inch Bluetooth backseat DVD player can help you do the job.

Simply mount it to face the back-seat row using a tablet mount. You can choose what movies you want your passengers to watch. You can even play a movie for yourself during your downtimes!


Enhancing your passengers’ comfort is another great way to increase your Uber driver ratings. Continue reading below for some gadget ideas that will increase the comfort of your car.

8. Car Seat Body Massager

This comfy car seat massager comes in the shape of a pillow. It can be left on your back seat to give your passengers a pleasant surprise.

The pillow massager is designed with a soft surface to give support and comfort to the lower back of the body. It can also be plugged into your vehicle’s 12V socket so it is very convenient to use.

9. Leather Seat Pocket

Having a neatly organized vehicle interior means your passengers can ride in comfort without getting buried under piles of clutter. This leather seat pocket made of high quality PU leather will help you do the job.

Not only does this organizer give your vehicle a high-end look, it can also be used to store all your belongings, an important function especially if you work as a full-time Uber driver. Belongings such as your lunch, books, wallet, and make-up can all go into the pocket and stay concealed from your passengers.


The safety of your passengers should be one of the most important factors to consider while working as an Uber driver. Passengers want to see that you are prepared to drive in any conditions, and they will take this into consideration when they give you a rating after their ride. Below are some gadget ideas to ensure the safety of both you and your passengers.

10. Car Jump Starter

Show your passengers how prepared you are with this wireless car jump starter! In fact, it is a multi-functional gadget that also charges your electronic devices and acts as a flashlight. The jump start feature works on a built-in power bank so you do not need to carry external wires to use it.

What’s more? The super strong LED flashlight is designed to flash special SOS signals, so you can be found if you get stuck in a remote area.

11. Sun Visor

Use this handy sun visor for driving in both day and night. This is because it comes with two different visors, a grey panel and a yellow panel. The grey panel acts as sunglasses to block UV rays, while the yellow panel acts as a nighttime protection against glare from incoming cars.

12. Wireless Phone Charger

Say goodbye to digging around for your phone cables. With this convenient wireless phone charger, your passengers are bound to give you a great review for your professionalism. That’s because this device allows you to place your phone onto its flat surface so you can keep your eyes on the road instead of looking down to find your cables.

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