10 Gadgets To Boost Your Next Road Trip

10 Gadgets to Boost Your Next Road Trip


Road Trips are a great way to bond with friends and family. They also require a lot of work at every stage, from planning to packing and the driving itself. In this post, we will feature some cool car gadgets that will make your next road trip & travel a blast!

Windshield Coating


Road trips can be taken during any time of the year and in all types of weather. Although sunny weather offers the best visibility on the road, it will not always be sunny.

With this powerful windshield coating, you can improve your visibility on rainy and snowy days. It comes in a portable cylinder that can be wiped onto your windshield surface by hand, with no special installation tools required. Chemicals in the coating have been specially formulated to make your windshield water-resistant for up to 6 months.

Pelican Elite Cooler


Pelican is known for their reliable line of products geared toward the outdoors. From their range of bulletproof phones to watertight gaskets, this Elite Cooler is no exception.

Designed to keep ice solid for up to 10 days, this 20 quart ProGear Elite Cooler is the perfect size for a small family. It is also water proof and leak proof and comes with two sets of handles for ease of moving. A Lifetime Guarantee from Pelican ensures you will never have to spend money on another cooler again.

All Weather Windshield Cover


Sometimes having a layer of protective windshield coating is just not enough. This is because heavy snow days will result in piles of snow accumulating on your windshield. While hot summer days will see UV rays going through your windshield to heat up the interior of your car.

With the help of this all weather windshield cover, you will never have to worry about extreme weather again. It is made to be doubled-sided, with the black side designed to collect snow and the silver side to block UV rays. To use it, simply place it onto the exterior of your windshield. You can remove the snow easily by shaking the attached suction cups, or use the silver side to enjoy a nice and cool car interior on a hot summer day.

Wi-Fi Hotspot


In this increasingly interconnected age, having a constant Wi-Fi connection will bring a peace of mind for many. This is because we rely on Wi-Fi for almost everything, from the GPS on our phones to keeping our friends updated about our adventures.

Road trips are notorious for spotty Wi-Fi connections. With the help of this portable Wi-Fi hotspot system, you can be sure to have access to a reliable Wi-Fi network that can support up to ten different devices at the same time. Simply purchase a sim card for the device and you can enjoy a 4G, high speed internet connection, so no more missed emails and social media posts from friends!

Multi-Functional Jacket


This multi-functional jacket is designed with enough features to match that of a Swiss Army knife. Originally funded through a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the jacket has been featured in numerous publications ranging from Time Magazine to BuzzFeed.

Designed for those who are constantly on-the-go, this jacket can be worn by both men and women. The fifteen features on this jacket include a neck pillow that can be inflated in two seconds, built-in gloves attached to the sleeves, pockets for a tablet and a phone, and much more! It is perfect for sleeping on long road trips, as well as protecting you from the rain when you are camping outdoors.

Vacuum Storage Bags


Vacuum storage bags have many uses around the house and on road trips. This is because their compact design allows you to pack more things than usual into the trunk of your vehicle.

If you are going away for more than a month, consider purchasing some vacuum storage bags so you can take more things with you. Their airtight, waterproof design helps protect your belongings from bugs and dirt, and they provide double the amount of storage compared to conventional storage bags.

Anti-Glare Glasses


Night driving is sometimes unavoidable for road trips, especially when you are travelling on a time limit. This means you should be prepared to deal with glare and to drive in reduced visibility conditions.

With these anti-glare glasses, you can rest assure that the glare from in-coming headlights will not blind you at night. This is because the yellow lenses on these glasses are coated with a special film that blocks the wavelength of the glare lights. It also helps reduce eye strain to make your night drive more bearable.

Portable Coffee Maker


There is nothing like a hot cup of freshly-brewed coffee to kick start your day. But this might be difficult when you are camping or traveling out in the middle of nowhere.

This Minipresso portable coffee maker was designed to enhance your life on the road by allowing you to enjoy an authentic cup of espresso wherever you go. It is small, light weight, and comes with a semi-automatic piston which can be squeezed to extract the espresso into the water. What’s more? It is entirely hand operated so it does not require electricity or compressed air to work!

Wireless Mini Mushroom Bluetooth Speaker


This mini Bluetooth speaker is in the shape of a little mushroom and can be stuck onto your dashboard or any flat surface. It is perfect for older vehicles without a Bluetooth sound system.

Its rechargeable battery can be charged via a simple USB port, and you can enjoy up to 6 hours of playing time on a full charge. It even comes with a small mic so you can take calls while driving, and its water-proof design means you can use it outdoors in any weather.

Inflatable Mattress


Use this inflatable mattress for taking naps in the back seat of your car. Your purchase comes with an electric pump that can be used to inflate the mattress. It also has a built-in base that will stabilize the structure when it is in use.

What’s more? The package also comes with two inflatable pillows that can be used to secure small children or for extra comfort.

Enjoy your next road trip!

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